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SinoOdyssey specialises in custom-designed  travel services focused on culture, education and the joy of genuine discovery. Through our work, we aim to strengthen vulnerable communities, safeguard natural resources, and preserve the traditions of local cultures.

    “We are committed to traveling responsibly and leaving a positive impact where we visit. Whether you are an nature lover, adventurer,linguist, artist or humanitarian, together we can work together to travel better.”----SinoOdyssey Team




One of the most remarkable aspectso fo going on a sinoodyssey trip is that each journey represents an opportunity to benefit community and conserve environments in the destinations we visit.



At SinoOdyssey , we love adventures and always have. There’s something about the feeling of visiting a place , culture or environment – whether that’s a mountain range, river side, or urban ethnic area, – that just can’t be beaten. Our fundamental perspective is that we do things as responsibly as possible, without damaging the environment or disrupting local community, in fact, we work exclusively with local guides , restaurants and guesthouse or local owned hotels to positively impact their communities, by doing this, we have always be able to get closer look into local people’s life, their tradition, their culture, by all, we gain deeper understanding of the aspect of the place where travel is beneficial for people and places around the world.

Empower Communities

1654089892468903.pngCelebrate local cultures and improve the livelihoods of host communities

Our world is a wealth of diverse peoples and rich traditions. Because travel brings us to far corners of the globe, it is an unparalleled opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their ways of life.

While travel enriches our lives and broadens our horizons, it also has the power to support the communities we visit and improve their quality of life. Tourism creates much-needed jobs and income for underserved populations, such as women and rural communities, and brings money into developing countries. Along with providing local economic benefits, tourism can help preserve traditions and foster cultural awareness and pride.

However, tourism can also have the opposite effect. Mass tourism development and disrespectful visitors can spark conflict with host communities. Local residents may be marginalized from the tourism industry and their opinions not valued. Tourism can also aggravate income inequality and community hostility, and contribute to culture loss and degraded heritage sites.

We make sure that local people reap the benefits of tourism and empower them to improve their livelihoods, share their heritage, and contribute to sustainable development.

Our movement to responsible travel


Cultural awareness is all about recognising and understanding that we all have different values shaped by our diverse cultural backgrounds. What we consider to be 'normal' behaviour in one culture can be entirely different in another. Respect cutlure -Being able to communicate with people from diverse cultures is not just enough. Cultural awareness allows us to respect various cultures. As a result, the people start supporting cultural differences and embrace new ways to get along in society. It helps people break down all the cultural barriers and integrate respectfully with diverse communities. In short, cultural awareness teaches us how to respect and appreciate others.


Meeting local people and experiencing their culture is the best way to discover the true essence of a destination. Whether you’re catching your dinner with a local fisherman or learning to surf from someone who grew up riding those waves, it’s these human-to-human interactions that make our travels so meaningful and unforgettable.

sustainable destination development

We must make optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity. Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance.

What do we do

  • Your travel list

    We go on a journey by revealing the remarkable people and places and emerging ourselves to make the world a better place for now and the future. SinoOdyssey invites you to genuine commitment to sustainability, diversity and community.view more

  • Educational Programs

    We create and organize educational travel programs that offer a mixed learning and traveling experience. These travel programs are intended to broaden and deepen the perspective of each participant by encouraging them to interact with the local culture and participate in their own learned experiences of China, this goal will be implemented by introducing them to a new culture, a new language, a new set of challenges, and co-creating an experience where the students are able to meet the challenges that are presented on these journeys.view more

  • People and Culture

    Off the Beaten Track is designed to meet our clients’ goals of budget and adventurous experiences throughout China. Our participants are not tourists, they are travelers and we will travel to learn, to experience the local culture, and to interact with the local people.view more

  • Sustainable development

    With over five millennia of history and boasting a culture that is both rich and diverse, China has always been a source of enchantment and mystery to erstwhile adventurers. In addition to its breathtaking variety of natural scenery that encompasses arid deserts, lofty snow-covered peaks, rolling valleys and dense forests, contemporary China incorporates more than fifty different ethnic groups, each with their own distinct cultural identity and traditions. Although its world-renowned heritage sights are gazed upon annually by a multitude of foreign visitors, very few travelers do more than merely scratch the surface of this profound and complex country.view more


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